Today’s infrastructure is aging and innovative methods of strengthening and repair are needed. Over time, the capacity of structures needs to be reestablished or increased to meet the current loading demands. This can include change of use, more stringent code requirements, construction or design errors, or simple deterioration. No matter the cause, Contech Services Inc. has uniquely positioned itself to leverage their experience and expertise to develop and implement cost-effective, long term strengthening solutions.

Featured Projects

Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) systems are a very viable option for strengthening concrete, masonry, and wood structures. Comprised of carbon of glass fibers in an epoxy matrix, these materials are installed by the trained and certified crews of Contech Services Inc. At Contech Services Inc., we have always embraced the adoption of technology and innovation to strengthen and improve structures.

FRP Systems are light-weight, low profile materials which can be designed to add significant capacity to existing structures. Benefits include:

High strength to weight ratio

Low impact installation

Corrosion resistant

ICC Compliant

UL Hourly Fire Ratings

Cost Effective

At Contech Services Inc. we utilize FRP systems to meet the structural upgrade needs of owners, engineers and contractors. These materials provide both strength and durability. FRP systems can be used in a variety projects as follows:

Structural Upgrades

Change of Use

Seismic Upgrades

Construction Defects

Code Changes

The Industry Leading Specialty Contractor in Composite Strengthening

Contech Services is an industry leader in strengthening structures. Contech success lies in meticulous planning, integration of the right solution and efficient, safe execution.

Our leadership team has well over 100 combined years of experience in the specialty contracting business, and has been with Contech since its inception over 20 years ago.

Contech Services Inc. has been developing and installing Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) systems for over twenty years.

World Class Project Management - Our Commitment to Safety and Planning

Contech Services provides project support from start to finish. No matter the scope or size of the project, we are committed to client communication. Our project managers’ walk through the conceptual stages of a project before a contract is signed. Our goal is for each client to feel completely confident before moving forward with a project.

Contech Services Inc. provides a thorough vetting and examination that identifies underlying structural issues. Each project begins with an in-depth analysis and feasibility study to deliver proof of concept before any commitment to our services is made by the client. Based on the results of the feasibility study and analysis, a structural solution is proposed, including budget information, for review by the client.

Innovative Solutions and World-Class Expertise

When it comes to strengthening infrastructure, Contech Services Inc. is the preeminent contractor called upon when even the experts have questions. We specialize in technology-driven solutions through leveraging our industry knowledge, construction experience, and specialty products.

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