Concrete has served as the quintessential element of the construction industry for hundreds of years. It is simple to produce and highly durable. But it is not indestructible. Over time, concrete degrades due to several factors including exposure to outdoor elements, water, and heavy use. The ability to properly prevent and restore concrete is critical to how long structures are able to serve their purpose safely and efficiently.

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While extremely strong and durable, concrete is a porous substance not immune to damage from chemicals, pollutants, and moisture should it be left unprotected. Too much damage can lead to extensive surface issues and even structural failure.

Building a concrete structure is very different than repairing and restoring a deteriorated structure. The skill sets required are very different. With all the variables causing damage to varying concrete infrastructure, it takes a team with the knowledge, experience, and track record to achieve the desired results.

Contech Services, Inc. has successfully completed hundreds of concrete repair jobs on some of the most well known landmarks and infrastructure in the country. Since 1993, the organization has parlayed their passion and innovative spirit into every job, resulting in a reputation as the foremost experts in the field of concrete repair.

Innovative Concrete Repair Solutions

Contech Services Inc. repairs a variety of structures with concrete damage including, but not limited to:

Parking garages, Stadiums, Dams, Civil structures

Tilt-up wall panels 

Earthquake damaged concrete 

Poorly consolidated concrete 

Fire damaged structures 

Post tension repairs, Construction errors 

Corrosion damaged piers, Paper mills, Manufacturing and processing facilities

No two structures are the same. They require in-depth analysis to properly diagnose issues related to current and future damage and deterioration. Contech Services utilizes both structural and non-structural materials to ensure desired results. The company has also developed their own in-house material as part of the process.

Because of their combined industry knowledge and experience, Contech Services is able to work on a wide-array of projects needing concrete repair and restoration. From massive office buildings, higher education institutions, and sweeping reservoirs, Contech Services has done it all.

Contech Services is Committed to Project Planning and Safety

From the nascent stages of a project to its final phase, Contech Services utilizes state-of-the-art materials, equipment, and the best personnel in the industry. Contech’s core leadership team has well over a century of combined experience specific to concrete repair. Peter Barlow, who oversees operations out of Contech’s Seattle office is known as a national authority on concrete repair, and has been published in several prestigious trade publications and often speaks at national conferences on the topic. The combination of leadership and skilled labor is why Contech Services Inc. is the organization that general contractors and structural engineers call upon for expertise.

Contech Services is Committed to Project Planning and Safety

Contech Services project managers and skilled craftsmen are dedicated to pre-planning every project from beginning to end. The result is a project done on time, with desired results, without going over budget. Contech’s crews address every concern regarding safety, scheduling, budgeting, and repair as a way to ensure project efficiency. The goal of Contech Services personnel is to repair structural damage and help clients understand the root issues that caused damage and deterioration.