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Contech Services is a national authority on seismic upgrade and strengthening structures. Existing structures require upgrade and strengthening such as seismic zones, change in use or services loads, and other repair requirements. With offices located in seismic zones, we have the experience and knowledge to complete even the most challenging seismic upgrade projects.

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Industry Leading Seismic Upgrade Solutions and Expertise

Our clients have full access to our highly trained and experienced in-house team of seismic retro fit experts. Contech Services has earned the national reputation of exceeding client and industry standards on seismic upgrade projects in all areas including practical solutions, logistics, and eliminating seismic deficiencies. Our expertise includes:

Earthquake damage

Section Thickness 

New Rebar Cage 

Epoxy Cracks 


FRP Strengthening 

Masonry Grouting 

Epoxy bonded steel plates 

Code compliant 

Rapid response and installation 

Engineered solutions

Because of our seismic upgrade expertise, our team is able to achieve maximum results on even the most difficult retrofit. We’ve successfully completed hundreds of difficult jobs, on time and on budget.

A seismic retrofit completed by Contech Services results in the structure being more resistant to seismic activity due to earthquakes. The process, specifically in buildings, typically involves strengthening deficient connections found throughout the structure including shear walls, continuity ties, and roof diaphragms.

Building codes have become more stringent over time, which means older structures may not be up to today’s standards, and may be susceptible to seismic damage and total collapse.

No two seismic retrofit projects are the same. Because Contech Services works with existing, often very old structures, the level of seismic retrofit needed varies greatly. To do the job according to specifications requires a coordinated effort by our entire team of professionals who need to leverage their industry expertise and experience to complete the project on time and within the client’s budget.

Seismic retrofit projects can add additional complexities, as multiple stakeholders are often involved including lenders, insurance companies, design engineers and building owners. It is critical that the completed seismic retrofit be up to the standards required by all parties.

A seismic retrofit protects infrastructure users such as employees, customers and capital. Construction benefits aside, a seismic retrofit may also lower insurance premiums and ensure the building or infrastructure continues to play an important role within the environment its located. In addition, the process also has other fiscal benefits such as an increase in property value and a reduction of what is known as Probable Maximum Loss (PML).

The most practical benefit of a seismic retrofit is the prevention of loss. Just one 10-15 second earthquake can result in severe damage to the structure and the occupants in and around it. It is not uncommon for organizations to temporarily suspend or permanently cease operations due to this type of damage. Profit margins are desecrated due to

Medical costs

Loss of productivity 

Cost of relocation 

Litigation costs 

Loss of property and assets within the structure

A seismic upgrade by Contech Services will minimize or eliminate these potential losses.

As with all of our projects, Contech Services strives to provide an excellent value and long-term results.