Shotcrete is a material, but it is also a process. Whether wet or dry, it can produce superior results including durability, absorption, and strength, but it must be applied with technical precision to achieve maximum results.

When hardened, the properties of shotcrete are similar to concrete. In addition, shotcrete often times has an inherent advantage because of the application process resulting in excellent adhesion with most surfaces as well as rapid functionality even on complex infrastructure.

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Committed to Sustainability Less

Contech’s excellent reputation is in part, due to our commitment to sustainable business practices. More and more organizations are driving business practices based on sustainability. For this reason, shotcrete can be the right choice for our clients’ projects.

The sustainability benefits of shotcrete are easily quantifiable and include:

Reduction in formwork

Quick placement 

Reduction and elimination of form and pour methods such as scaffolding 

Reduction and possible elimination of heavy equipment harmful to the environment

Shotcrete’s sustainable benefits are tangibly seen in several ways including the reduction, or complete elimination, of formwork. Because shotcrete is placed directly in its intended place, the need for formwork is reduced. Formwork requires use and transportation of material that put a strain on the environment. The reduction or complete elimination of formwork typically reduces the footprint by at least 50%.

Shotcrete also reduces the environmental footprint through labor costs on repair projects. Because of the speed and ease of the application process, Contech Services is able save on materials and labor, which has implicit sustainability benefits. It is common for shotcrete repair projects to result in labor reduction by as much as 50%.

Shotcrete Expertise and Experience

Pneumatically placed concrete, mortar and specially designed mixes can be effectively installed on projects requiring high quality and long-term performance. Contech Services has the experienced personnel, equipment and material knowledge to successfully complete a wide variety of installations including full depth structural, protective coatings and refractory applications. The project design team and owner can realize many advantages utilizing the Shotcrete process in lieu of form and pour or hand trowel applications.

No matter the complexity of the job, our team of Shotcrete technicians and project managers are committed to completing the job in a safe and efficient manner from the pre-planning phase through completion. Our technicians are experts when integrating new shotcrete materials with existing infrastructure and construction. Our team has the expertise, experience, and training to effectively apply shotcrete to bridges, parking garages, marines, sewers, reservoirs, and more.