Contech Repairs Leaks In Concrete

Contech Uses Both Epoxy and Chemical Grout Technologies to Repair Leaks

Contech Services, Inc. has a long, successful history of mitigating leaks in concrete structures. With the long, rainy winter months now upon us, this fact may be important to remember. Contech's vast experience with a wide variety of leak repair applications has afforded them the background necessary in order to efficiently stop leaks from mundane to mysterious. This has been an especially busy part of the services the company provides in recent years with work on subterranean parking garages, foundation walls, elevator pits and water retaining structures and many other structures. In many cases, leak repairs are accompanied by concrete damage in adjacent locations. Some of these concrete repairs could be structural in nature and require a contractor well experienced in more than just stopping water. Utilizing both epoxy and chemical grout technologies, Contech has the labor, equipment and materials “know how” to stop leaks in virtually every imaginable scenario.